Top 7 DIY money saving minute advice for your home

Have you ever made a simple improvement somewhere inside your house only to realize that you can no longer imagine your life the old way? Do you know that “how was I able to live before this?” feeling? If the answer is yes – you will love this post. Here are some quick and easy house improvements you can do today.

Drain Extensions

If your house has a drain that shoots water directly down into the ground – think about upgrading it. It is quite a simple little trick, but it can be essential. If the water is directed directly to the ground next to the wall, chances are you might get a leaky basement. Some cases even escalate to cracked walls or even ruined foundation. Downspout extensions are cheap, easy to install and can potentially save you a house.Anti-frost faucets

If you live in the colder area, chances are you’ve had some experience with frozen valves. Winters can creep on us in a blitz, and if you forget to cut the water to the outside faucets, things can get ugly. Frost-free faucets are cheap and easy to install and can save you from broken taps or exploding plumbing.

Weatherstripping – most people living in the older houses have already gone through the process of refreshing their doors and windows. However, of you still haven’t, pause there and think about weatherstripping. Reapplying the weather strip twice a year you will save a lot of energy spent on heating and cooling and also save on the new windows and doors.


Yes, we know you love your garden, and no – we won’t tell you to get rid of it. However, kept unkemptly, your rose trees and green bushes can cause some irritating damage to your house. Make sure you keep your shrubbery nice and neat, without any of the branches scraping off of the house walls or windows.


lightbulbIt’s better to be safe than sorry; your grandma must have told you this. Using anti-clogging products in your sewer pipes before you need them will save you a lot of trouble. Water pipes are prone to clogging and fixing them is often stressful and expensive. Save yourself some money and a lot of nerves by applying the sewer cleaner every few months.

LED light

After over a 100 years of a relatively decent streak, we think it is time to say goodbye to the old school light bulbs we all know and love. LED lights will last longer, shine better and use up to twenty times less energy than the average light.

Fixing sidewalk

If you have concrete sidewalk or driveway, chances are there will be some cracks sooner or later. There are many factors to it, but once they are there, don’t ignore them. Spaces allow for water to go through, and in winter it can freeze and cause even more damage. Also, it’s not a pretty thing to see, so make sure you seal any new crack as it appears in your yard.