About us

After decades spent in the construction business, I believe I can do just about anything around the house. This was my goal when I first got into the business. Through the years of hard work and constant education my experience grew. I have worked with masters of the trade, both in construction and related branches of industry.

I know carpenters, painters and any other handyman you might need around your house. Seeing how I was inside of the world where any home improvement is possible I started thinking about starting my own business. It seemed logical, and once I made the decision, the business developed by itself.


Years of practice, business and professional connections made me an ideal home improvement contractor. I assembled a team of competent, experienced men and women that I knew I could trust in. Soon, it was evident that the story we started was going to be a good one. We worked, cooperated with other companies and made homes of hundreds of families a better place to be.

Today, we are operating at full capacities. We started a web-site where we share our knowledge and information with the general public. The idea is to spark a flame of home improvement love within your heart. And if it’s too much work for you, we’re more than happy to help out, just give us a call.